FAQs | Long Island Problem Credit

faq1What’s the average length of a car loan?
Typically our customers will want to trade-in their vehicle after 2-3 years, so we do our best to keep the length of the car loan as short as possible. Other auto financial institutions write loans for up to 6 years or 72 months, and we do our best to avoid such lengths.

Will I get a quality vehicle?
We work with Smith Haven Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, Smith Haven Mazda and Smith Haven Mitsubishi. All of their vehicles are inspected to ensure quality before they are available for sale. The Smith Haven sales team will advise buyers on the perfect vehicle to meet their needs. As with all vehicles, routine maintenance is necessary.

How much cash can I get approved for?
The answer is different for everyone. Your approval will be determined in part by your credit profile. Please visit the homepage and use our loan estimator to work out the possible figure. Then fill out the Mastick loan application and we will get you approved in minutes.

What is the lowest rate I can get for my auto loan?
Interest rates are based on several things. A large down payment will help keep the rate low. We will also take into account the strikes on your credit profile and how much of a risk the credit bureaus will determine. But don’t be concerned! We offer very competitive rates in all cases.

faq2How long should it take to submit my application and get approved?
You just need a few minutes. Fill out the application completely and accurately. Your acceptance is much more likely if your information is 100% correct. We approve everyone unless the application is inaccurate. We will get you approved in less than an hour. Double check everything before you submit it.

Is there an application fee?
No . The application is free and we do not charge anything to use our service.

Is there a limit to the kind of vehicle I could get?
There is NO limit. Whether you need a truck, a sports car, an SUV or some other type, our partners at Smith Haven will help you find the perfect car for you.

What if I have bad credit? Can you really get me approved?
Yes we can! This is why we do what we do – to help people get the auto loan they need regardless of their credit rating. Our high standards mean you can look forward to exceptional service and help whenever you need it.

What if I buy a pre-owned vehicle? Can I rely on it?
When people buy a pre-owned vehicle, we recommend they purchase an additional warranty to protect against the potential repair costs in the future. Unexpected repair costs can increase the chances of falling behind on your loan payments. A warranty can be extremely useful to avoid potential pitfalls.

Can I re-establish good credit if I buy a pre-owned vehicle?
Yes! And that is part of our goal – to get your credit back on track. Lending institutions look closely at an auto loan if you are paying one back. If you diligently make your payments on time, you will rebuild your credit history. A secured credit card will also help rebuild your credit. If you opt to buy your auto from a car lot, you won’t get the same benefits because it does not affect your credit record.

Please call us toll-free at 1-800-NEW-CREDIT or e-mail us with your questions.