Additional Warranty for Preowned Vehicles!

The Credit Center of Suffolk County at The Smith Haven Auto Group says yes to an auto loan when others say no. But you may wonder, when you buy a preowned vehicle with a bad credit loan, is it reliable? First and foremost, Credit Center of Suffolk County works with the top quality Smith Haven Auto Group dealerships who offer a great selection of preowned cars. However, when you have Long Island bad credit, it’s extremely important not to fall behind on payments due to an big car repair bill.

For this reason, the Credit Center of Suffolk County at The Smith Haven Auto Group highly recommends purchasing an additional warranty. This will protect you against the possibility of repair costs in the future. An unexpected car repair can really throw a wrench in your plans to get your financing back on track. A warranty gives you the peace of mind you need to avoid potential pitfalls and ensures you will be able to make your car payments on time.

Your past doesn’t matter at Credit Center of Suffolk! Their trained and dedicated staff will find a solution to your NY low credit score problems, get you in a great preowned vehicle, and even report your successful payments to the national credit bureaus so you can start repairing your credit. Whether you live in Bay Shore or Brentwood, purchasing additional warranty for your vehicle is that extra assurance that you can always make your payments on time no matter what happens, and you’ll be on your way to a better future!