Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Credit

In today’s world, it’s important to maintain a good Long Island credit score. You might be trying to improve your credit, but finding that your score is staying low. That’s because you could be making some common mistakes that are damaging your NY credit score.  These are things that people often overlook, but are important to the credit bureaus. Here are a few of these mistakes that you should correct as soon as possible.

The number one mistake people will make is paying bills late. Even a habit of being late by a few days is bad. Make sure you send your payments in with plenty of time before your due date. Another common error is not paying the minimum amount due. Both of these practices damage your credit score, but there are other, less obvious ones. Owning too many credit cards and keeping your overall debt levels high hurt your score as well.

You should also check your New York credit report on a regular basis to check for inaccurate or out of date information. Another credit mistake people make is with their names and addresses. You have to make sure your creditors have your most recent address, and make sure you are using your full, legal name in your financial documents. Are you making any of these mistakes? If so, taking steps to correct them will go a long way to improving your credit score!

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